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MisterBitterSweet’s new logo!
Firstly, we’d like to apologise for having such a big gap between our first post and the latest post. If you have been following us from the beginning, you may notice that we have now moved to a .com page! 
We recently made the decision to buy and host our own website instead of using This lets us better manage our own site without all the extra charges. If you have managed a website/blog before, you’d be able to appreciate the effort that went into making this change. Being new to this, and managed only by a small team, we had to direct all our effort into setting up the website. After about a week of hard work, the awesome new MisterBitterSweet site is now what you can expect of a “well-established” website! You are now able to reach us to provide feedback, ask questions or just to say “Hi” through:

New logo and direction

Noticed the new logo for MisterBitterSweet? Not only that, we have also decided on a more focused direction for MisterBitterSweet. We decided to bring more focus into our daily lives and help people where it matters. The new website is now themed, “Explore the world and become a better you!”. What we meant by that is our belief that we can better ourselves by knowing and learning more about the world we live in.

How do we learn?

We learn about the world not by being on a holiday where you just visit the major attractions. We learn about the world by meeting and talking with people, and of course, EATING! When you visit the attractions of a place, its not just about taking pictures; its about understanding the history behind them. When you eat the local food, its not just about insta-worthy food; its about tasting the flavors of the place, and also understanding the history behind them.

How do we become a better us?

Travelling broadens our mind and keeps us healthy, but its not always possible for us to constantly be travelling. When we don’t travel, its important to take care of what’s important, You. So, we decided to dedicate this website to also sharing information about health and well-being. To spread awareness on the importance of taking care of yourself.   With that, welcome to the new MisterBitterSweet.
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