Relaunching MisterBitterSweet

Happy New Year to everyone who’s been following MisterBitterSweet! I’m overjoyed to announce that we’re relaunching MisterBitterSweet!

First thing in order is that I’d like to apologise for a lack of content since our last post. For those of your who have been following MisterBitterSweet, a thousand apologies to you. I fell off the bandwagon for a while owing to a lack of direction.

However, catching of with some of my friends and people around me, I am glad to say that I have found my direction once again!

While MisterBitterSweet has not been taken down at all, I will be updating some of the site to reflect my new found direction.

New found direction?

What is this new found direction you might ask? If you’ve noticed, the narrative has been changed to reflect mostly “me” or “I” now.

What does that mean?

What this means for you is that I will continue to share my experiences with people, along with some awesome thoughts of my own into these experiences.

Why the decision to make this change?

When I felt that I lost my direction, I thought about why I wanted to start MisterBitterSweet. It dawned on me as if I had an epiphany. I wanted to share my experience and limited knowledge with others. Without personal thoughts and views, in short without someone whom the reader or myself can relate to, MisterBitterSweet lacked life.

More importantly, this lack of life was silently sucking the joy of writing for me. Despite having the materials to write, I was no longer enjoying writing as much because of that!

So I decided to breathe new life into it by adding me into MisterBitterSweet. Essentially, this will also see transition of MisterBitterSweet from just being a repository of information, into a more personalised blog.

So, who am I?

I would think an introduction is due especially since I am making this transition to personalising MisterBitterSweet.

My name is Kyle, and for the first time, I am posting a picture with me and my special someone taken during “Holi Festival”. Don’t worry, I’ll share more about this festival we went to soon!

Unlike me, she will be maintaining her anonymity, and will be known as MrsBitterSweet until she decides otherwise.

Mr (Kyle) and MrsBitterSweet

I will continue to make various adjustments across the website over time to reflect the newfound direction of MisterBitterSweet. Unfortunately I will not be editing previous posts, but new posts will align with the new direction and continue with the purpose of spreading knowledge.

Thank you all for the support, and I hope to be able to share great content and awesome experiences with you!

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